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Basketball Clinics

Travel Program

2014 VBK Basketball Travel Program Announcement The past 5 years I have helped put together and run travel basketball teams at USBA and A Game. At times I felt that some teams and coaches performed well and grew in the process while others did not achieve the same results. There are different reasons or theories why some did not have the same success as others—in some of the cases,   decisions... [Read more]

Eilte Training

This program is designed for the experienced player who is currently on their school team. The drills will be fast paced and intense which will help prepare you to be basketball ready for your upcoming season. The skills that you will be exposed to are advance in nature and will help build your confidence and aggressiveness on the court. Our goal is that you will be a different player at the end of... [Read more]


            Jan van Breda Kolff – Scouting Report I have spent my entire life around the game of basketball, first as the son of a college/professional coach and then as a player and coach myself. I was recruited out of high school by many schools and as a college coach I have recruited many players during a 17 year college coaching career. I feel as though my background... [Read more]

Shooting Factory

This clinic is designed to work on the most important part of the game.  We will show you the correct shooting form and then advance forward to shooting off the catch and off the dribble. We will emphasize the proper footwork so that you will have proper balance and rhythm to your shot. There will be a lot of fast paced shooting drills and we will teach offensive moves and how to beat your defender.... [Read more]

Lessons by Jan van Breda Kolff

Rates based on one hour per lesson Private 1 player $100.00 Semi-Private 2 players $60.00 per player Small Group 3 – 4 players $45.00 per player Group 5 – 8 players $30.00 per player Team 7 – 10 players $150.00 per team Call Jan VBK at 935-7835 for lesson appt. time.  Read More →